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Sensua Organics Lubricant
chemical free lubricants

Sensua Organics lubricants

$16.95 - 4oz

Sensua Organics chemical free lubricantss
Sensua organics is proud to offer the world’s first all organic personal lubricants, made from whole, certified organic food-grade ingredients. Our Peach and Raspberry formulas have a light, fruity scent and a mild, all-natural taste. Our Unflavored formula is odorless and tasteless. In addition to being the healthiest choice, Sensua Organics innovative formulas allow for continuous rehydration, using the body’s own moisture.

It’s a process we call Native Lubrication , and provides superior performance to all other personal lubricants on the market. Sensua Organic formulas are water-based, making them non-irritating to delicate tissues and latex safe. These products are non-staining and ph neutral. When you know the facts, the choice is simple. You deserve the best…Sensua Organics.

Now Available in Peach, Raspberry, or Unflavored Formulas

Ingredients: USDA certified organic aloe vera, certified de-ionized water, USDA certified organic grapefruit seed extract, vitamin E, and wildcrafted certified pesticide-free guar gum. Peach and Raspberry formulas also include USDA certified organic fruit flavors/fragrances. (Patent Pending)


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