Hotspot - printed with a clear label.

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Hotspot - Clear Label Logo Condoms on white foil

All custom printed condoms are FDA approved for pregnancy and disease prevention and have expiration dates, Lot numbers and health advisories printed on the back of each condom. Our condom shelf life is 5 years

*Price includes Shipping fees to Canada

 *** We ship our custom condoms to over 62 countries on a regular basis and from time to time, they may get held up at customs. Prior to producing or shipping any order internationally (especially ones over 1,000 pieces), we try to confirm with our shipping courier that they can be delivered without a problem. If we believe there will be an issue we'll convey the risk to you. Unfortunately, once an order leaves our warehouse and is in the hands of your country's customs department, there isn't anything we can do to expedite the processing of your order. If your order won't be released or is being sent back to us, we can not be held responsible as laws change on a regular basis in regards to international trade. For orders that are sent back to us, we are happy to ship them to you at your cost. Refunds will not be provided for orders that are stuck in customs or returned to us.

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