Mandelay Climax Control Gel

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Mandelay Climax Control Gel 1 ounce tube.

If you are a one pump Juan or two pump Tony, this is the answer you've been looking for...Man Delay maximum strength climax control gel is a Benzocaine male genital desensitizer. Helps prolong sexual pleasure. Formulated to delay ejaculation. Climax control gel. Clear lubricating gel; helps you stay in control. Safe; effective; easy to use.  helps you prolong sexual pleasure and stay in control so you and your partner can experience longer lasting sexual enjoyment and improved sexual compatibility. Maximum strength, Safe to use with condoms

Apply a small amount to head and shaft of penis before intercourse, or use as directed by a physician.
Wash product off after intercourse. Ingredients: Active Ingredient: Benzocaine (7.5%). Inactive Ingredients: PES-8, Polyglycerylmethacryalte, Propylene Glycol..