Atlas NON Lubricated Condoms

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Atlas Non Lubricated condoms are a dry condom without any lubricant. Dry condoms used for sex ed demonstrations are safe to use just like any other FDA approved condoms but we would recommend using a lubricant for added security. Adding lube to a non lubed condom will greatly decrease the chance of breakage. 

Atlas Non Lubed condoms can be used for many things...oral sex is better with a non lubed dry condom, just add a little flavored lubricant. these condoms are also used on audio equipment to keep moisture out of microphones and wireless body-packs.

Atlas Non Lubricated condoms have a straight wall design, reservoir tip for added security and a great price. All Atlas condoms are FDA approved for disease and pregnancy prevention. Atlas Non-Lubed condoms are manufactured by GPC, a highly trusted condom company.

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