Foil Wrapper Condoms printed in full color

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  • $85

Your image and printing is printed directly on the foil condom.

This process is NOT a label or sticker. The highest level of quality printed condoms we offer.

If you email us your art to  we will show you a free proof of your job

Still have questions? Call us at 1-888-747-6765 Production time for our Direct Printed custom condoms only takes about a week.


Base Pricing includes a standard non-colored Natural lubricated condom and White Foil face and your choice of a clear film back or white foil back.

*Colored Condoms - with our Direct Press Printed Foil there is an upcharge of $0.05 cents per condom for colored condoms (upcharge condom colors include red, green, blue, yellow, pink and black)

**Colored Foil - with our Direct Print Foil we offer colored Foil face this is an upcharge of $0.05 cents per condom (upcharge foil colors include red, yellow, gold, black and silver)

All custom printed condoms are FDA approved for pregnancy and disease prevention and have expiration dates, Lot numbers and health advisories printed on the back of each condom. Our condom shelf life is 5 years